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Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Speakers Free On-Line MP3 Talks from some of our favorite oldtimers download or listen on your computer, Gene Duffy, Keith Drum, Sue Drum, Norm Alpi, Hugh Douglas, Arbutus Oneil, Don Peila , Chuck Chamberlin, Bill Wilson, Dr Bob Smith, Lois Wilson, Ann Smith - Dog On The Roof Group Fullerton California, Gottawanna Al-Anon Family Groups, Ruben Gonzalez, Dan Currie, Great talks on the 12 steps twelve steps of Alcohoilcs Anonymous and the 12 traditions twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous - Hope for the Alcoholic and the Family of the Alcohoilc. Oldtimers Meeting with 900 + years of sobriety - Hospitals and Instutions Panel - Couples In Recovery

Keith D., Keith Drum talks on the 12 concepts of world service in your homegroup and how to practive these principles in all your affairs. Sue D. & Keith D. share on why they do the deal for fun and for free in the program of AA Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon