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Classic Alcoholics Anonymous Oldtimers Speakers in MP3 format for you to listen and download. These oldtimers are with us only in spirit. Enjoy these are rare.
Some of these talks were converted to MP3 from old cassette tapes so there may be some variance in the quality through out the talk.
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GENE DUFFY from Calistoga, California talks in Springfield, Missouri November 5, 1989
JULIEN BAUSERMAN - from West Virigina talks at the Palm Springs Alcoholics Anonymous Desert Round-Up 1986
JOHN KEEFE from Chino Hills California talks at the Dynamics Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Anaheim, CA August 23, 2003 46 years sober at the time of this talk it's a short talk but worth listening
DON PRITTS from Auroa, Colorado talks at the Iowa Fall Conference October 11- 1986
LEW FINNEMORE - from Vancouver Canada talks at the Shared Feelings conference in Pentiction, BC September 6, 1987
EDDIE COCHRAN - from Glendora, California talks at the 502 Alano Club in Covina, California December 5, 1986
JIM BUCKLEY from Granada Hills, California talks at the Dynamics Group in Anaheim CA sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous June 15, 2002
JOE QUINN - from Laguna Beach, California talks at 7th District AA Conference in Beaumont, TX August 20, 1988 - Joe sobered up in 1952

JOHN CARLTON - from Brownwood, Texas talks at the 1983 Palm Springs Round-Up - John's sobered up October 8, 1951

FRANKLIN WILLIAMS - from Olive Branch, Mississippi talks at The Beginning in Mountain Center California December 27, 1987
HUGH DOUGLAS - from Chattsworth, California talks at the Beach Side Alcoholics Anonymous speakers meeting in Buena Park, California 1988
HUGH DOUGLAS from Chattsworth, California talks in Calagary Alberta Canada 1990
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Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Speakers Free On-Line MP3 Talks from some of our favorite oldtimers download or listen on your computer, Gene Duffy, Keith Drum, Sue Drum, Norm Alpi, Hugh Douglas, Arbutus Oneil, Don Peila , Chuck Chamberlin, Bill Wilson, Dr Bob Smith, Lois Wilson, Ann Smith - Dog On The Roof Group Fullerton California, Gottawanna Al-Anon Family Groups, Ruben Gonzalez, Dan Currie, Great talks on the 12 steps twelve steps of Alcohoilcs Anonymous and the 12 traditions twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous - Hope for the Alcoholic and the Family of the Alcohoilc. Oldtimers Meeting with 900 + years of sobriety - Hospitals and Instutions Panel - Couples In Recovery

Keith D., Keith Drum talks on the 12 concepts of world service in your homegroup and how to practive these principles in all your affairs. Sue D. & Keith D. share on why they do the deal for fun and for free in the program of AA Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon





The Dog On The Roof Group Men's Stag meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our meeting was in established on April 15, 1962. We meet in Anaheim California . This website includes pictures of our meeting hall, directions to the hall, a brief history or our Alcoholics Anonymous group. You will also find email addresses of some of our members, a contact phone number, MP3 files of AA and Al-Anon speakers. Please enjoy this site for fun and free - borrow, use and pass on what ever you find in the love and the fellowship of the spirit. God bless all the lost souls in and out of the program.

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